Staging Indoor Music Events Has Never Been So Easy!

Planning indoor music events can be a very busy and somewhat stressful job for managers and organisers.

With everything from arranging the venue, to the level of security, organising the food and drink and sorting the much anticipated line-up, putting on a gig take lots of careful planning.

If it is not readily available at the venue, one part of the event that is particularly important and that managers need to be sure is perfect, is the staging system! It will need to be easy to use, light in weight so that it can be moved around and adjusted easily and safely, reliable and very robust.

Our two-part, telescopic riser support and structural stage platform system, Revostage®, provides an ideal, temporary stage for a wide variety of events, including live music performances.

Thanks to its unique fixing system, Revostage® can be easily erected and dismantled quickly with the use of an Allen key, with no specialist tools required, so it is ideal for when performers require changes to be made to the platform to suit their act.

Revostage is also manufactured under ISO conditions and independently tested to carry up to 750kg/m2, so can easily take on the weight of lighting, instruments and other heavy equipment that bands require to enhance their performances.

A staging system can also take up a large proportion of the event budget. As Revostage® is modular, it is a real investment piece that can be added to over time, making any initial outlay really work over the long-term.

For touring gigs, sorting out the storage and transport of the stage afterwards can be a bit of a task. Revostage® is a great choice if space is limited and a compact, versatile, lightweight system is required. The modular stage packs away into just 15% of its assembled size meaning it can be easily transported in a car or other small vehicle.

Finally, as the audience is going to see it throughout any performance or event, the stage has to look good. Revostage® offers a range of deck floor coverings to suit any performance or show.

Manufactured in Sheffield by Panel Systems Ltd, Revostage® is a versatile, lightweight, quick and easy to assemble and dismantle affordable option in portable staging and is a great choice for event organisers. Comprised of just two parts, the Revostage® system is also designed to last for years, making it a worthwhile investment. For more information, call 0114 249 5635, or email

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