Making Summer Events and Beyond Easy with Revostage®

It’s that time of year again. British summer time has arrived, as has the season of outdoor festivals – music and sporting, garden parties and a whole host of summer term school activities and events.

With summer 2017 pretty much in full swing, you’ve probably already decided what staging system you’ll use for this year’s activities. But if you haven’t, or for those autumn and Christmas events, which will come around quickly, our top tips for what to consider when buying staging equipment, is an essential read!


When it comes to school events and children, safety always comes first. Our patented, two-part, telescopic riser support and structural stage platform system, Revostage®, provides an ideal, temporary stage for summer school choir events and is manufactured under ISO conditions and independently tested to carry up to 750kg/m2!


A staging system is an investment and depending on the size and flexibility required, can take up a large proportion of your budget. Our Revostage® system comes with a range of flexible payment options and educational, arts and leisure organisations may also be able to benefit from additional discounts. It is also worth noting that as Revostage® is modular, it is a real investment piece that can be added to over time, making any initial outlay really work for you over the long-term.


Have you considered what different sizes of stage you might need during the course of a year? The stage that is ideal for the school choir’s summer performance might not work so well at a sports day awards ceremony or other large event. Have you also considered who will be using the stage? And in what location? You will probably have a good idea of what challenges face you during the annual events calendar, but you will most likely benefit from a good deal of flexibility in terms of staging size and design, so that you can build it up and adapt it to suit every type of requirement.

Easy to assemble

Revostage® is a versatile, lightweight, quick and easy to assemble and dismantle staging system. You will no doubt be all too aware that time is invaluable before any performance; a stage that is quick and simple to erect is essential, so that you can get on with any last minute preparations. Some staging systems consist of several, complicated parts; but Revostage® is made up of just two and thanks to its unique fixing system, it can be erected and dismantled with the use of a simple Allen key, with no specialist tools required.

Storage & Transportation

Similarly to assembly, the storage of your stage can be a deciding factor in your purchase. If space is limited, you’ll need a compact system like Revostage®. If your budget is tight and won’t stretch to hiring a van, then Revostage® is a great choice, as it packs away into just 15% of its assembled size. And Revostage® is so light and strong, it can also be easily transported to your next event in a car or other small vehicle.


Revostage® is manufactured in the UK, in Sheffield to be precise. If you are a UK-based school, business or any organisation planning to invest in a new staging system, choosing Revostage® from Panel Systems reduces both your delivery costs and the environmental impact of international postage. The Revostage® system is also designed to last for years; longer product lifetimes benefit the environment, as well as your budgets!


Your stage has to look good. It is the one thing that your audience is going to see throughout any performance or event. Revostage® offers plenty of colour options and can be personalised with company branding, giving you the freedom to create a bespoke stage for any performance or event. And because Revostage® is comprised of just two parts, there’s less to get damaged and worn with use.

Revostage® offers a lightweight, affordable option in portable staging and is a great choice for schools choirs, theatre groups and general event organisers. For more information, take a look at our shop pages, call 0114 249 5635, or email

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