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Posted by Administrator (admin) on Oct 10 2013
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An independent comparison test was reported today testing out the locking systems within portable staging platforms on the market.

Revostage, Intellistage and others were tested in the exercise.

The findings were very surprising. There are two main locking systems on the market today, the images below show the two differing types.

The long life teeth cleat manufactrued into Revostage deck platforms and the two piece flat locking cleat in most imported deck platforms.

 Flat Locking Cleat - Portable Staging ImportsLong Life Locking Cleat - Revostage Portable StagingFlat Cleat - Portable Staging Imports

The lifespan according to the Event hire and audio visual companies within in the industry is staggeringly different.

The flat cleat from imported platforms was tested each day until it failed, it lasted 246 days.

However the longlife cleat lasted 4 years without signs of wear and tear. When you consider there are 4 cleats on each platform as a minimum, this can build up to a pretty hefty additonal parts replacement cost over the years for portable staging users, not to mention the time to replace them.  

Revostage has always been competitively priced, but some times finds itself slightly more expensive than is imported counterparts.

The Audio Visual industry leaders told us that Revostage Locking Cleats are by far the more superior system, and they simply cant afford the time and money wasted on changing broken cleats.

Pricing for replacement cleats varies, but at £20 per platform set from most portable staging suppliers, buying the best quality deck platforms in the first place is definitely the most economic thing to do.


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4 years By Unknown on Nov 27 2013 at 3:00 AM
so you tested your cleat every day for 4 years in this test?

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