Valance Skirting

Revostage valance skirting is a pleated quality fabric, with express fit fasteners, the fasteners are embroidered into the valance fabris, meaning you can press the valance into the side of the deck very quickly. Very easy to fit and unfit, the valance comes in 1metre lengths and is able to wrap around the corner of the staging. Valance is sold in heights that correspond to the riser heights, so for instance, a 200mm riser requires a 230mm valance as the deck is 30mm thick.


Revostage - RevoRail Handrail kits are available in 980mm and 480mm lengths, the handrail stands 1100mm above the stage deck, the same locking cleats are used on Revostage handrails and attach the rail to the stage decking with the use of the standard allen key as usual.

Solid legs are housed with the handrail that drop from the handrail making it fully height adjustable to different height stages.

A sturdy foot block system accept both the riser feet and the handrail feet, to give optimum support to the entire rail system. Smartly finished in Gold.


Revostage decks and riser can also be used to create step formations. A smaller size deck and shorter risers are often used as to create a STEP, the small deck size (1m x 520mm) can be accompanied by a small riser 200mm to create a step for access onto a higher platform. Be sure to order 2 step riser clamps if using as a step. 

Our advice is to create a step at exactly half the height of the stage platform, for example a 200mm high step - with a 400mm high stage.

Chair Stop Plates

Revostage supply 1m long safety rail, chair and kick stop plates. These provide a 50mm lip to the rear or sides of Revostage decking. Attached easily via 2 locking cleats used in revostage decks. Stops Chairs and people from slipping off the stage area.


Revostage supply two disabled ramps - The classic disabled wheelchair access ramp is suitable for Revostage use. Its been tested to give a 1 in 10 incline for access by aided wheelchair users to a height of 230mm. It can be

The 2.5m ramp is Health & Safety Compliant to 430mm high giving a 1 in 12 incline. Fully foldable for easy storage. Lightweight foldable ramp - The system features include a lip that provides grip location on both levels, which allows the ramp to be used either way round and protects the floor surfaces.


Revostage supply Adjustable bar trolleys and Flat bed trolleys depending on how many decks to have. The Adjustable trolley is suitable for a small storage area, with approx 6 decks and risers. Whereas the large flatbed trolley takes up to 12 deskc and risers. (2mx1m) platform trolley. 

Both trolleys come on castor wheels for easy manouverability.

Flight Cases

Revostage supply 4 sizes of flight case (bespoke sizes on request). We have a 2mx1m size which accepts 10 decks and riser and a larger case which accepts 15 decks and risers.

Our smaller size is for 1m x1m deck sizes and again accepts either 10 or 15 decks and risers.