As well as a very easy to use staging system it can also provide solutions for applications such as podiums, catwalks, rostrums, tiered seating areas, tiered staging areas, raised flooring, drum risers, exhibition stands and many others.

Revostage Deck Contruction and Weight Loading. Revostage is based on two main elements: A
patented telescopic riser support and a structural stage platform. The two elements incorporate a unique fixing system to enable the stage to be erected with the use of a simple allen key.

RevoStage has been independently uniformally weight tested to 2400kg per m² at 1500mm high, by the Sceptre Engineering Dept. of Sheffield Hallam University.

Revostage is manufactured under BS Standard Quality Controlled conditions. Quality Certificate


Revostage Decks are made using a sandwich panel construction. Using high quality plywood, and polypropeleyne honeycomb, with inodised aluminium frames. The risers use Aluminium and High Performance plastics.

We also supply 800mm & 1m High Risers on a two week lead time - All goods are manufactured in Sheffield UK

Revostage Decks
2m x 1m 18
1m x 1m 9
1m x 0.52m 4
2m x 0.52m 10
52cm x 52cm 3


SIZE 20cm HIGH KG 30cm HIGH KG 40cm HIGH KG 60cm HIGH KG
2m x 1m 20x12x52.7 3 20x12x57.2 3 20x12x63 4 20x12x77.2 5
1m x 1m 12x12x52.7 2 12x12x57.2 2 12x12x63 2 12x12x77.2 3
1m x 0.52m 12x8x52.7 1 12x8x57.2 1 12x8x63 1 12x8x77.2 1
2m x 0.52m 20x8x52.7 2 20x8x57.2 2 20x8x63 2 20x8x77.2 3
2m x 0.52m 8x8x52.7 0.5 8x8x57.2 0.5 8x8x63 0.5 8x8x77.2 0.5

Carpet & Vinyl Colours From Stock
Anthracite Grey
Grey Carpet

Carpet & Vinyl Colours Available 5 days
Please note Vinyl coverings come with a storage disclaimer as they can be prone to shrinkage from the edges of the deck frame if they are stored in hot or very cold temperatures.

Black CarpetBlue CarpetGreen Jade CarpetBlack VinylSilver Vinyl
Black/Blue/Grey Carpet - Black /Silver Vinyl