British MadeBritish made Revostage

Revostage is British made - it is made in Sheffield UK, we despatch goods from our Sheffield factory all over the world. We have been making Revostage since 2001, so we know what works and what doesn't. We now have well over 1000 users of Revostage, with customers ranging from Primary Schools to the BBC.

The Events Industry and Audio Visual companies tell us Revostage is the best product on the market and lasts the longest. Richard at Central presentation recently said -

"We deliver event management to the corporate market - hotel functions,conferences, AGMs, that sort of thing. Before we had Revostage the kit we had to use was really heavy. It needed two men to put it up and took about three times the space to store. Revostage is just as strong, it supports just as much weight, but it takes a fraction of the time to erect and only needs one person to put it up. For us that means a reduced wage bill and improved margins, while giving an even better result to our clients. “And because it is so light and easy to erect and dismantle it can be out daily - we don’t have to have such a long turnaround time. It gets used all the time, so we maximise the value of the asset. We also hire out our equipment to other event companies and end users.

There are some inferior chinese made copies popping up on the internet, but we've found they simply do not last. We even sent some of ours back to the UK distributor.

Because Revostage is so robust we know it will stand up really well to whatever treatment it might receive. In this business all kit eventually gets damaged, but we know we can replace and refurbish bits of Revostage when we need to from Sheffield stock. We’ve been using it for four or five years and if you run it longside any other staging you will see the benefits. “The whole point of the kit we use for staging events is that it serves its purpose for the client but the audience doesn’t even notice it’s there - and Revostage is perfect for the job.”

Richard Wilkinson, Hire Manager, Central Presentations